Madi Dangerously

aka Mariama Rafetna Primus, is a NY born and raised Afro-Caribbean multidimensional artist: photographer/videographer, painter, poet/writer, voice artist, muse/model; visionary entrepreneur, intuitive healing therapist & wellness advocate .

(portrait by Kyle Yearwood, 2016)


Madi Dangerously  is a multifaceted,  intuitive “spirit artist” and advocate of “art for healing” – expressing herself through poetry/songwriting, photography, video, painting and curating elevated experiences. Throughout the years, Dangerously has always aided local artists and businesses in developing the branding voice and style through careful content creation, copywriting and graphic design.

Founder of Madi Dangerously LLC & Treat The World, INC; Madi is a spirit artist & wellness practitioner focused on intuitive energy healing through the arts, creative expression, and divination tools of tarot, crystal, sound and color therapies.

Highly influenced by her Afro-Caribbean roots, and background in Psychology + Creative Writing, she infuses ancestral spirituality and ritual with practical psychology +  cognitive development to help clients shift and transform their states of consciousness and gain new tools to thrive past emotional traumas and perceived limitations.

As an intuitive therapist, she offers guidance by acknowledging pathways of healing to alleviate blocks in order to successfully navigate transitions and periods of transformation through the use of tarot, crystal, sound and herbal healing.

Mariama has  life coaching certifications in Mindfulness, Transformation, Crystal Healing and Therapeutic Art, in addition to over a decade of artistic experience as a spoken words artist, photographer, painter & curator. 

Madi Dangerously has conducted and lead group meditations, affirmation workshops, new moon/full moon releasing & manifestation circles within NYC, SF & Oakland (and works with virtual clients in many parts of the world) – as well as workshops around race/identity and individual/community healing thru arts.

artist statement

Madi Dangerously’s ART in all it forms – celebrates the simple beauties that unite us in our mission as spiritual beings experiencing humanity in this fragile life. Her mission is to connect, empower and inspire others along their own journeys of healing and awakening.



Everywhere, Earth

Brooklyn, NY / Oakland, CA